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bernie sanders jezebel com - senator bernie sanders of vermont was scheduled to appear on late night with seth meyers thursday evening but had to cancel last minute, bernie sanders campaign is concerned about the berniebro - if you disrespect bernie sanders you re going to get a visit from his social media goons they are passionate about campaign finance reform staying active in one s 70s and being very very, 1972 bernie sanders had some wacky ideas about rape jezebel - a 1972 essay by vermont senator and democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is getting some attention today because it s weird as fuck, how bernie sanders lost black voters splinternews com - bernie sanders lost the democratic primary in large part because he failed to win the hearts of black progressives it didn t have to be that way but his campaign never explained how black people fit into his vision of a radically changed america, new report shows bernie sanders highest paid staffers are - j d pooley via getty images a report from jezebel shows that bernie sanders 10 highest paid staffers are all men, 7 dreamers including bernie sanders s former press - according to her twitter account erika andiola former press secretary for bernie sanders and a daca recipient was arrested on friday evening along with six other dreamers and one ally after, clapping back bernie sanders just absolutely smacked down - bernie sanders may have a lot of vocal political opponents but it s pretty clear that the u s senator from vermont is not taking their abuse and vitriol sitting down bernie just absolutely smacked down haters on twitter by pointing out that he is old as hell and doing amazing go off bernie, bernie sanders is trying to get race right theroot com - princeton professor keeanga yamahtta taylor daniel denvir sen bernie sanders philadelphia district attorney larry krasner and premal dharia at a roundtable on criminal justice reform at, bernie sanders introduces stop bezos act gizmodo com - bernie sanders introduced a bill today that culminates weeks of feuding between the vermont senator and amazon a company he views as indicative of a rigged economy that rewards the rich and, bernie sanders backtracks claims about racism hurting - every once in a while some combination of external circumstance and internal conviction force the truth out of the mouths of our politicians vermont senator bernie sanders during an interview, steamboat for bernie sanders home facebook - theslot jezebel com bernie sanders finally endorses hillary clinton vows to make certain she will win after weeks of buildup and 36 days after the associated press announced that clinton had reached the 2 383 delegates needed to become the presumptive nominee bernie sanders has as expected gifted hillary clinton with a very hoarse endorsement at a campaign rally in portsmouth new hampshire, jezebel writes an article on the feared berniebro male - bernie sanders fights for minorities his plans will benefit minorities and women more then hillary s but apparently saying shit like that is condescending i feel like there is a divide between the platform this plan will help poor people and ok what will you do for poor minorities and women, god tells tow truck driver to strand bernie sanders - it was the bernie sanders signs that most affected ken shupe owner of shupee max towing and his pal god who according to what shupe told the washington times, forget bernie bros meet the young people of color leading - if you followed bernie sanders resurgent campaign for the democratic party s presidential nomination in even a cursory way you heard about the scourge of the bernie bro, rebel wilson s plus sized comment erases black romcoms - jezebel just fuck already frida garza thursday 5 29pm splinter not good enough bernie sanders jack mirkinson 6 25 18 8 32am jezebel we might have to go a whole year without j law doug