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super brain unleashing the explosive power of your mind - a manual for relating to the brain in a revolutionary new way super brain shows you how to use your brain as a gateway for achieving health happiness and spiritual growth two pioneers bestselling author and physician deepak chopra and harvard medical school professor rudolph e tanzi one of the world s foremost experts on the causes of alzheimer s have merged their wisdom and, super genes unlock the astonishing power of your dna for - super genes unlock the astonishing power of your dna for optimum health and well being deepak chopra m d rudolph e tanzi ph d on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the authors of the new york times bestseller super brain present a bold new understanding of our genes and how simple changes in lifestyle can boost genetic activity, deepak chopra shares 11 simple tricks to enhance brain - deepak chopra is a best selling author with over 65 books written in the field of spirituality and meditation, 116 profound deepak chopra quotes addicted 2 success - deepak chopra is an indian american author public speaker doctor and philosopher he is one of the best known and wealthiest figures in the holistic health movement and has published more than 80 books including 22 new york times best sellers here are 116 profound deepak chopra quotes 1 if you want to do really important things, how to love yourself unconditionally deepak chopra advice - the author of what are you hungry for shows us how to face down our inner critic and start accepting and admiring ourselves for who we are join oprah deepak on a transformational journey in desire and destiny an all new meditation experience, deepak chopra deepak chopra v praze - deepak chopra v m porad jak se st t skute n m l drem l drem s vizemi kter dok e d ky sv m schopnostem uskute nit stejn principy lze vyu t v ka d oblasti ivota v rodin mezi p teli v komunit nebo v sousedstv, will the gut brain connection revolutionize wellness - deepak chopra md and naveen jain three decades ago the brain lost its sovereignty as the seat of thinking feeling and the operation of intellig, doug pederson on super bowl brett favre nfl journey si com - an early morning ride to work with doug pederson and the story of how brett favre s trusted friend went from coaching high school to the game s biggest stage